I don't know about you, but I have books laying around collecting DUST! Checkout one of link below to see if you can turn those books into cold hard cash!

If you are BOOK person please check out the link at the bottom for their updated 500 list.

I would appreciate anyone using the links below when doing their search. If I get referals the funds collected goes towards causes of Domestic Violence!

Cash For Books - We Buy Books & We Pay The Shipping!

Sell Textbooks Online - Quick Cash, Free Shipping, Free Quotes

Please read the condition of the book page!

Selling books can be done in 4 easy steps:

**Type in ISBN(s) from your books and press the Enter key after each one. Click 'price my books' to see our offer. If we are buying the book(s), they will be added to your Seller Cart.
**Go to Checkout and give us your contact information.
**Ship your book(s) to us. We pay the shipping, with our FREE pre-paid mailing label which you can print from your computer. Specific instructions are provided after submitting your order.
**Get Paid, FAST! For payment, we will mail you a check, or pay you via PayPal, within 3 business days after we receive and process your book(s).

They do NOT buy:

Advance reading copies, uncorrected proofs, and/or promotional or "screener" copies of books
Book club editions
Books that state "not for resale" (or "not for sale") anywhere on the cover or inside
Ex-library books
International edition textbooks (standard U.S. editions only)
Most Bibles
Most encyclopedia sets
Most magazines and comic books
Most outdated computer books and outdated textbooks
Most paperback fiction
Older Books and/or collectibles without ISBN numbers
One-time use subscription/registration based software/online course materials
Partial sets (i.e., only sending volume 1 of a 2 volume set)
Reader's Digest books

If you are the type that LOVES to shop for books make sure you glance at their top 500 list they put out! From what I have read they do update this often! Read more...