Make Internet Explorer run faster while working liveops!

There is nothing more frustrating than to watch our computers access the Internet at a snails pace. Thankfully, Internet Explorer provides some useful options for quicker Web surfing. Let us look at these options now.

Reduce the size of your Web page history Internet Explorer stores visited Web pages to your computer, organizing them within a page history by day. While it is useful to keep a couple days of Web history within your computer, there is no need to store more than a week's worth. Any more than that and you're collecting Web pages that will slow down your computer's performance.

To reduce your Web page history in computers other than Vista:

1. In Internet Explorer, on the Tools menu, click Internet Options.

2. In the Internet Options dialog box, in the History section, find the Days to keep pages in history: box. Type '1' in this box. Click OK.

In Vista: Tools - Internet options - browser history - click settings! Look to the bottom of that new screen that pops, and you will see how many days of history you are storing. You can reduces as recommended above!


Don't save encrypted Web pages

Encrypted Web pages ask for usernames and passwords. These pages scramble information to prevent the reading of this sensitive information. You can define Internet Explorer to not save these types of pages. You will free up space by saving fewer files to your computer, as well as keeping secure information off your computer.

In Vista: You need to go to the tools option again, and down to internet options, and then to advanced. Go down to the section called security, and you will see the option for encrypted web pages!