Yesterday I went over some basics for the 'java download' or 'javascript downloads'. This is the second day for your 'java tutorial'

We need to make sure that Java is installed, and will work property for Liveops.

Remember I'm using a Vista operating system, but the principals are the same with other operating systems.

Check that Java is enabled in Internet Explorer

From Open Browser - Click Tools (blue arrow) - Choose Internet Options (red arrow)

- Click on the Advanced Tab - Scroll down to the Java Section - There should be a check in the box next to "Use JRE 1.5.0_11 for applet" (requires restart) If there is already a check there click Cancel you are all done. - If you had to insert a check in the box click Apply - It will prompt you to restart your computer, click restart.

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Manage Add-ons is a feature in Internet Explorer which contains the Java Browser Extension. Just so you know Add-ons are software components.

When you visit a Web site, Internet Explorer add-ons may be downloaded automatically, or you may be prompted to download an add-on. For some add-ons, you might specifically visit a Web site to obtain the latest add-on for Internet Explorer. These components may be third-party ActiveX controls that extend browser functionality or that provide special user interface elements in Internet Explorer.

You can control add-ons by using the Manage Add-ons feature. We want to be sure the Sun Java Console is Enabled here is how you check:

From Open Browser Click Tools Click on Manage Add-Ons (See first picture and instead of internet options 'manage adds' will be used) Next if you are using Internet Explorer 7 you have to click on Enable or Disable Add-Ons, if you are using Internet Explorer 6 it will just take you to the Manage Add-Ons box.

Find the Add-On called Sun Java Console and click on it (red arrow) - Look at the bottom you will see a section labeled Settings, the Radio button next to Enable should be filled in. If it isn't filled in click on the Radio button next to Enable and then click OK (blue arrow). If you look to the top of the list (blue arrow) you will see some programs that are 'disabled' just for a visual!

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If you are still have issues in liveops loading etc., and all of the above settings are correct and you are still having issues you probably have a corrupt Java file and should uninstall and re-install Java.

Here are the steps for computer that is NOT vista:

Uninstalling Java - 1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel. - 2. Click Add or Remove Programs. - 3. Find the file J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 11 and click on it - 4. Click Remove - 5. Follow the prompts for uninstalling - 6. Reboot your computer.

For Vista - Go to control panel, and find 'programs and features'. You will find a list of programs (and their may be more than one Java). Select the java and go to the top of the screen and use 'uninstall'. I guess you could use 'repair', but to me uninstalling it and restalling it may save you time. The option doesn't always do what it says it like repair it!

Reinstall notes - you will do things similiar to what we did in Day One of this tutorial!

Reinstalling Java - 1. Open a new Internet Explorer Browser - 2. Go to - 3. Under Java Free Software Download Click 'Download Now' - 4. Click Begin Download - 5. Windows XP SP2 users: Check the top of your browser to see if there is this message near the top of your browser in the information bar, 'This site might require the following ActiveX control: J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 6'. If you see this message, click on the information bar to enable ActiveX control and continue the Java software installation. - 6. Click Install to start the installation process. (note.... it will automatically install google toolbar if you do not uncheck it please uncheck, since you are to only be using internet explorer toolbar)

The download process starts. During the download, a progress window lets you know the estimated time remaining for the download to finish. The download can take anywhere from a few seconds on a fast Internet connection to half an hour or more on a very slow connection. Once the download is over the installation process will start automatically.

The installer displays a Setup Type screen that allows you to choose either a typical or custom setup. We recommend that you choose the Typical option (the default selection) unless you are an advanced user who wants more precise control over the components that will be installed. After ensuring that the Typical setup is selected, click the Next button to continue with the installation.

Once the installation is successfully completed, you will see the 'Verify Installation' page where you can verify your Java version installation.

Clearing Java Cache Put your mouse on the coffee cup icon at the bottom on the task bar Right click on the coffee cup icon and click on Open Control Panel On the Java Control Panel, open the General tab (it may automatically default to this tab) Click on the Delete Files button Uncheck Downloaded Applications to prevent the deletion of the Jacent application from your desktop; then click OK, Click OK!

If you need visuals - again check out day one!

Once you do this the first time it will be easy the next time if you have to do this again!