There are a couple of companies in which you can work from home taking calls for infomercials. Liveops is one of them.

11/17/09 update here is another online about Liveops.

What is nice about Liveops is you pick your schedule 24/7. I do believe this company is restricted to the USA and parts of Canada. From what I have read certain states they can't take operators from as well. If I find more information about that I will post it. If you look to the top of their screen it will speak about 'agents', and that is the work from home position.

This job isn't for everyone, but it will help you with your assertive training! The commits as they call it (or work shifts) are 1/2 hour long and they start at 10 after the hour, and 40 after the hour. You will be an independent contractor which means you are NOT an employee!

There are people at liveops that do this full time, but its also nice when you have this bill coming up and you are not sure how you are going to pay for it! In others words you can work part time as well! As long as your stay active which I believe is 1 commit every 45 days you can work for liveops. Please check the details on that to be sure.

They pay .25 per minute of talk time, and you also have incentives that you are paid for - basically extras that are sold during the call. They have agent facilitators to help you with your job, send out notes regularly about happenings, forum for agents to ask questions or vent. They have a lot of well known companies that they take calls for, and I'm sure you have seen the products on TV, read about them in ads, or heard about them on the radio.

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