Team Double Click

Team Double Click are looking for Virtual Assistants. It can be marketing, photographer, office skills, etc. It could be temporary or long term.

I found a chat that they were talking about the different aspects of it as well.

TalkShoe These are actual team double click people chatting.


Team Double-Click®, the country's largest virtual staffing agency, popular for its rigorous screening, interviewing and training process to obtain qualified virtual assistant professionals, recently announced the formation of a strategic partnership with the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance (DSWA), an organization established to support direct sellers around the world who are achieving their dreams through a party plan, network marketing or person to person sales business.

Under the alliance, Team Double-Click® will be the exclusive virtual assistant company trusted and used by DSWA. DSWA members will have access to the over 38,000 trained virtual assistants to help make their direct selling businesses more successful and give them more time to get out and sell and sponsor without having to worry about paperwork and administrative tasks. Team Double-Click® will have the ability to reach out to the members of DSWA, to supplement and enhance the support that distributors already receive from their companies so they advance more quickly to higher levels of success.

Team Double-Click® offers a variety of virtual assistant services including general administrative, sales and marketing, human resources, finance, and real estate transaction coordination. They do the screening, managing, and payment processing. They don't just tell you where you can find a virtual assistant, they assess your needs and match you with one of their highly-skilled and Team Double-Click® trained virtual assistants. Then they monitor and nurture that relationship so the client gets the most out of hiring virtually.

You interested in getting in on the working at home? Check out Team Double Click Information! Read more...

What is a Cookie? Its kind of a funny word, but it can sure slow things down when working for 'liveops'! We will learn today about 'clearing internet cookies', and at the end I will show you a program called 'ccleaner'! Since 'ccleaner free' download is available - take advantage of it!

These are virtual cookies - small text files that Web sites can create on your computer to store information gathered about your visit to the site including, where you went, what you did, and any personal information you gave. Web sites may also allow other Web sites (their advertisers, for example) to put cookies, known as third-party cookies, on your computer.

Here is a funny video about internet cookies are!

Here is a video on clearing your cache, cookies on internet explorer, firefox, and AOL. Note on Vista you go to TOOLS, and then internet options instead of the instructions on this video!

Cookies are a necessary part of using the Web. Web sites use the information in cookies to deliver personalized content (local news and weather, hot sales, and so on), to complete transactions (for online banking or shopping, for example), and to gather demographic data. However, a Web site only has access to personal information that you provide; otherwise, it only records the steps you've taken on the site, so you remain anonymous. Tell Internet Explorer 6 & Internet Explorer 7 How to Manage Cookies Internet Explorers 6 & 7 gives you a range of options for managing cookies - from accepting every cookie that comes your way to blocking all cookies (which could make using the Web a bit difficult).

Internet Explorers 6 & 7 sets a medium level of privacy when you first install it. This privacy setting allows the use of cookies with some restrictions - for example, it blocks certain third-party cookies. But it puts you in the drivers seat so you can further restrict the use of cookies or direct it to be more liberal in the kinds of cookies it accepts.

Clearing Cookies, Cache and History Internet Explorer 6 - From Open Browser - Click Tools - Choose Internet Options - From the General Tab Click Delete Cookies - Click OK - Click Delete Files - Click OK - Click Delete Files again - Put a check in the box next to Delete all offline content - Click OK - Click Clear History - Click Yes - Click OK on Internet Options Internet Explorer 7 - From Open Browser - Click Tools - Choose Internet Options - From the General Tab Click Delete - Click Delete Files - Click Yes - Click Delete Cookies - Click Yes - Click Delete History - Click Yes - Click Close - Then Click OK on Internet Options box

'CCleaner' is a really nice free download! Since 'ccleaner free' download is available to you take advantage of it! It will be an extra step to make sure all of the cache, cookies, etc are taken off the machine! Some of these programs may seem to overlap each other, but it won't hurt the performance! Remember some programs get rid of items better than others. Its like that doublecheck you need! Read more...

Make Internet Explorer run faster while working liveops!

There is nothing more frustrating than to watch our computers access the Internet at a snails pace. Thankfully, Internet Explorer provides some useful options for quicker Web surfing. Let us look at these options now.

Reduce the size of your Web page history Internet Explorer stores visited Web pages to your computer, organizing them within a page history by day. While it is useful to keep a couple days of Web history within your computer, there is no need to store more than a week's worth. Any more than that and you're collecting Web pages that will slow down your computer's performance.

To reduce your Web page history in computers other than Vista:

1. In Internet Explorer, on the Tools menu, click Internet Options.

2. In the Internet Options dialog box, in the History section, find the Days to keep pages in history: box. Type '1' in this box. Click OK.

In Vista: Tools - Internet options - browser history - click settings! Look to the bottom of that new screen that pops, and you will see how many days of history you are storing. You can reduces as recommended above!


Don't save encrypted Web pages

Encrypted Web pages ask for usernames and passwords. These pages scramble information to prevent the reading of this sensitive information. You can define Internet Explorer to not save these types of pages. You will free up space by saving fewer files to your computer, as well as keeping secure information off your computer.

In Vista: You need to go to the tools option again, and down to internet options, and then to advanced. Go down to the section called security, and you will see the option for encrypted web pages!

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When working with liveops you will have to turn OFF the 'popup blockers for internet explorer'. They do recommend you use internet explorer for this 'work at home careers'. I have read a couple of agents mentioning that use foxfire, but I'm going to sit with 'popup blocker IE' or internet explorer.

How to Turn Off Pop-Up Blocker in computers that don't use Vista - From Open Browser - Click Tools - Choose Internet Options - Click on the Privacy Tab - Under the Pop-Up Blocker section uncheck the box next to Turn On Pop-Up Blocker - Click Apply - Click OK

For Vista - Go to Tools and go down to popup blockers. You can enable or disable them from there!

popup blocker vista

Before you start working a shift, and you are in the chatroom can select the option to pop a screen to see if it works. Keep in mind you may have other programs NOT allowing you to turn off the popup blocker as well. Norton, Yahoo, Google, MSN, Hotmail, AIM for example all have popup blockers, and you need to turn those off. It may say something like enable or disable. You want to disable them.

If you have XP when you do windows updates they may have installed a pop up blocker so you need to be sure that one is turned off as well. Also check for a firewall (or many in some cases) as they will also block scripts. This link will help you find the most obvious of them In order to be sure that no scripts are blocked.

It may be a good idea just to delete all the ones you can find, and use ONE of them during your non work hours if you want to! Read more...

'Adware 2007' has a free version and a paid version, and it will keep your system running smoothly. I run this program before I start working my 'liveops' job, and I run it over and over again until all the junk is gone!

Keep in mind sometimes the all the junk that is stored on the computer EVEN if you don't surf that much is like an onion. Once you removed the first layer you may have a second level you need to peel away. When you do this the first time you might be surprised at how much junk you will find! Don't freak out about it! Its just part of using the computer, and when you use 'adware free' version you can remove it on a regular basis.

I run this program over and over again until 'adware free' tells me I have nothing at all on my system! Remember the ONION theory! Make sure you get all the layers taken care of!

I thought today a video on 'adware free' version would be a good visional! Again I use this on a regular basis to keep my computer running smoothly for liveops!

Keep in mind your program may look a little different than the screens you see in the video, but the same principals apply! I don't have to 'select all' to remove the junk from my computer, but if you are using an older version you will!

Well that is my 'Computer Mainenance Programs' tutorial for the day!

Its easy and you can do it to! GOOD LUCK! Read more...

Yesterday I went over some basics for the 'java download' or 'javascript downloads'. This is the second day for your 'java tutorial'

We need to make sure that Java is installed, and will work property for Liveops.

Remember I'm using a Vista operating system, but the principals are the same with other operating systems.

Check that Java is enabled in Internet Explorer

From Open Browser - Click Tools (blue arrow) - Choose Internet Options (red arrow)

- Click on the Advanced Tab - Scroll down to the Java Section - There should be a check in the box next to "Use JRE 1.5.0_11 for applet" (requires restart) If there is already a check there click Cancel you are all done. - If you had to insert a check in the box click Apply - It will prompt you to restart your computer, click restart.

javascript tutorial two


Manage Add-ons is a feature in Internet Explorer which contains the Java Browser Extension. Just so you know Add-ons are software components.

When you visit a Web site, Internet Explorer add-ons may be downloaded automatically, or you may be prompted to download an add-on. For some add-ons, you might specifically visit a Web site to obtain the latest add-on for Internet Explorer. These components may be third-party ActiveX controls that extend browser functionality or that provide special user interface elements in Internet Explorer.

You can control add-ons by using the Manage Add-ons feature. We want to be sure the Sun Java Console is Enabled here is how you check:

From Open Browser Click Tools Click on Manage Add-Ons (See first picture and instead of internet options 'manage adds' will be used) Next if you are using Internet Explorer 7 you have to click on Enable or Disable Add-Ons, if you are using Internet Explorer 6 it will just take you to the Manage Add-Ons box.

Find the Add-On called Sun Java Console and click on it (red arrow) - Look at the bottom you will see a section labeled Settings, the Radio button next to Enable should be filled in. If it isn't filled in click on the Radio button next to Enable and then click OK (blue arrow). If you look to the top of the list (blue arrow) you will see some programs that are 'disabled' just for a visual!

javascript tutorial three

If you are still have issues in liveops loading etc., and all of the above settings are correct and you are still having issues you probably have a corrupt Java file and should uninstall and re-install Java.

Here are the steps for computer that is NOT vista:

Uninstalling Java - 1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel. - 2. Click Add or Remove Programs. - 3. Find the file J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 11 and click on it - 4. Click Remove - 5. Follow the prompts for uninstalling - 6. Reboot your computer.

For Vista - Go to control panel, and find 'programs and features'. You will find a list of programs (and their may be more than one Java). Select the java and go to the top of the screen and use 'uninstall'. I guess you could use 'repair', but to me uninstalling it and restalling it may save you time. The option doesn't always do what it says it like repair it!

Reinstall notes - you will do things similiar to what we did in Day One of this tutorial!

Reinstalling Java - 1. Open a new Internet Explorer Browser - 2. Go to - 3. Under Java Free Software Download Click 'Download Now' - 4. Click Begin Download - 5. Windows XP SP2 users: Check the top of your browser to see if there is this message near the top of your browser in the information bar, 'This site might require the following ActiveX control: J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 6'. If you see this message, click on the information bar to enable ActiveX control and continue the Java software installation. - 6. Click Install to start the installation process. (note.... it will automatically install google toolbar if you do not uncheck it please uncheck, since you are to only be using internet explorer toolbar)

The download process starts. During the download, a progress window lets you know the estimated time remaining for the download to finish. The download can take anywhere from a few seconds on a fast Internet connection to half an hour or more on a very slow connection. Once the download is over the installation process will start automatically.

The installer displays a Setup Type screen that allows you to choose either a typical or custom setup. We recommend that you choose the Typical option (the default selection) unless you are an advanced user who wants more precise control over the components that will be installed. After ensuring that the Typical setup is selected, click the Next button to continue with the installation.

Once the installation is successfully completed, you will see the 'Verify Installation' page where you can verify your Java version installation.

Clearing Java Cache Put your mouse on the coffee cup icon at the bottom on the task bar Right click on the coffee cup icon and click on Open Control Panel On the Java Control Panel, open the General tab (it may automatically default to this tab) Click on the Delete Files button Uncheck Downloaded Applications to prevent the deletion of the Jacent application from your desktop; then click OK, Click OK!

If you need visuals - again check out day one!

Once you do this the first time it will be easy the next time if you have to do this again! Read more...

Over the next few days I will go over some maintenance ideas for your computer to keep those up so you can mininize the performance issues.

Today we will start with 'Java download', 'java update', and deleting your java files in our 'java tutorial'!

I will NOT be going over the requirements for your computer for the company that you choose to work for. You need to contact them directly for that.

I would NOT recommend you do these steps (unless I mention it) during working hours, and really keeping your computer up to date doesn't take that long and can really helps your stress level knowing you can get into work and make that money!

Alot of places wish you to make sure you computer is UP to date with Microsoft Windows, ensuring that the Microsoft Virtual Machine is up to date. Depending on which update program you have go to: or

Liveops uses Java for their working enviroment, and so its very important to keep your Java up to date. At times this program will not work properly, and you best bet is to up uninstall the program and reinstall it. Its free so no extra cost is needed for that. If you are sure you have the most UP TO DATE version of Java you can skip this step.

Tutorial for add and removing programs in XP

Tutorial for ad and remove program in Vista. That link will at least SHOW you were you can find the program in vista, since they 'renamed' it in this version.

'Download Java' or what some people call 'download javascript' using one of the above links. You can also check there to make sure your javascript is completely up to date!

You see the red arrow? You can press that button to see if you version is up to date.

From what I have experienced in the past one of two things will happen. The first is that java will wish you to push a button so they can check your system for the lastest version, or the program will automatically do that for you. Once you allow Java to check your system OR if it automatically checks the screen will be doing similiar to this:

You notice the red arrow this time? Its checking my system to see if I'm UP to date with my java so I can work effiently with liveops. The Java website will also tell you if you need to get the updated version. Just follow the directions to do that.

If you are working with Liveops you will need to clean out the java files on a regular basis. If you are doing a number of hours at a time I would suggest you pause the system to clean them out, and also do this again after you done with your shift.

I'm using the Vista Operating system. So the pictures supplied are using that system.

Check out the red arrow, and if you push that circle the menu that is pictured with come up. Then you press control panel, or where the blue arrow is placed in the picture.

I like the 'classic screen' better! Please see the red arrow to know what I'm talking about. You can have the 'control panel' screen, or you can push 'classic' to change to the screen I'm working on in the picture. If you prefer the 'control panel home' - click programs and check for the java icon that the blue arrow is pointing to in my classic screen. In the classic screen - double click that java icon like pictured.

Push the button I have pointed to.

Push Delete! The next screen will ask you if you want to delete the files - push ok!

Continue to push the okay buttons after the computer is completed the deleting of the files. You are now back at the control panel, and you have NOW just completed deleting your java files!

Wasn't that easy? WOO HOO! Good for you!

To update java is easy as well. When you brought up the java menu after double clicking on it in the control panel notice the top portion where is states 'update':

Now Click that 'update java' panel!

I make sure my update java button is clicked (blue arrow), and the computer notifies me when it is needed. Then you click the 'update java' button (red arrow), and follow the instructions.

You now should be set on the java basics you will need to work liveops, and the use of java!

Did this tutorial help you? I find at times visuals help me! Read more...

Tax Season

Jeff on my 'liveops' post mentioned another aspect of 'work at home careers' and that's TAXES!

I can't begin to advise anyone, and I would speak to an accountant or tax advisor in your area about your own personal situation!

I wanted to give you some links to some places to start!

'Small Business Tax Information'

'Small Business Tax Help' in form of workshops from the IRS.

'Small Business taxes' virtual workshop

Additional Tax Post!

I have used this service myself, and I have also received payment!

Its not like some of the other items you see out there where you have to see a bunch of ads or visit websites. You take ACTUAL surveys, and get paid!

What is neat is they have a program you can download, and it will pop up on your computer when their is a survey available for you do take. I don't even have to check or think about them - they make it real easy! Read more...


I don't know about you, but at times brainstorming thoughts come to me all of a sudden and NO paper to write them on! People tell me to remember an appointment! I need to notify some people I know about something at a certain time! I like the fact that you can use this program, and program it in.......and then forget about it!


They have a number of videos, but this one was so typical!