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Clix Sense won't make you a million dollars, but you do get paid for viewing ads. The mininum amount paid is $10.00, and they send checks out once a month. They have an option to upgrade to view more ads, that will generate more income for you as well. The amount to upgrade is $10 per year, and you will have more ads to view.

This company does have ads to view outside the USA as well. The number of ads are growing in that area.

Click on the logo above, and you can sign up for free. Most of the people I have heard from state that they can take their families out to a NICE dinner at the end of the month from the income! Think about the interests they are asking you about when you sign up as well. It seems to me that the more interests you have the more opportunity you may have to view different types of ads. I have seen some that personally I couldn't use, but forwarded to others I knew.


  1. Anonymous // September 1, 2010 at 1:35 PM  

    I joined ClixSense a few weeks ago. I live in Ireland. I only received 3 ads to start so I paid the $10. and upgraded. I then got 450 or so ads to review. I reviewed them all in a few days but unfortunately I didn't get much more since. I checked everyday and only had 3 ads waiting. You are right! You DEFINITELY won't get rich on this scheme! I haven't even made $10 yet! My account is currently only $4.85! They charge you a fee just to send you a check so if your threshold is $25 then you have to make $28 before you see $25. And if you make $10 then you will only get $7.00.
    I feel like I've been duped! Another $10 down the drain.