Vip Desk contacted us telling us they looking for what they call, 'Brand Ambassadors' currently!

Here is a quote from the website as to what they are looking for:

VIPdesk Connect attracts the most experienced, best equipped customer service representatives in the call center industry. The "Brand Ambassador" title of our independent contractors reflects our laser-like focus on client brand reputation. We believe that Brand Ambassadors, representing leading products and services from around the globe, are selected to provide an unparalleled customer experience for our clients. VIPdesk doesn’t just take calls; we create a remarkable experience that can only be provided by remarkable people.

While VIPdesk demands the very best from our Brand Ambassadors, we also provide them with the opportunities to represent top, premium brands and offer continued opportunities for growth. By teaming with VIPdesk, you can expect to represent products and services that you would be proud to call your own while working with first-rate professionals that you cannot find anywhere else.

Do you have excellent customer service skills?

Does no commuting time or expense, flexible work schedule allowing you greater control of your work/life balance, reduced cost of dry cleaning and work attire, and many more sound good to you?

VIP Desk is looking for you NOW! Check out the link about VIP Brand Ambassadors, and get started with your work at home career today!

Below is a Interview with the CEO of VIPdesk!