Pinecone Research I have heard alot about. They seem to be a little different than most companies. It seems that when they need partcipates for their program they place banners on the internet, and you have to search for them. You can do a google search for the company, but they will NOT have a signup portion there. It also seems like unless you get some kind of response from them within 48 hours you need to try again later. You need to be careful about your response time for their surveys, and follow their directions very carefully. There are boards out there that state comments from partcipates about how they became inactive for all kinds of strange reasons. From what I have read they pay $3-5 per survey they offer you. They will ask you to fill out things to make sure they send you the correct type of survey that can be used by the companies that are requesting the information. You do not get paid for that portion, but it makes sense to do this so you can have a profile on hand to see if you qualify for certain surveys.

One thing you will read about is HOW they do actually PAY you! They also have programs for the US and the UK. There are different links for each. You can also find sites that speak about this company and give
you hints on how to find the banners

Here are some examples of what the banners look like supplied by has a thread that is very long speaking about them. I actually saw a banner there as well, but from what I have heard - it will GO as fast as it comes! GOOD LUCK!!