Dumbass Trophy Pictures, Images and PhotosJeannette Gonzalez and Tammy Kerce it seems LOST their case against Liveops. They filed in December 2007. Lawsuit Filing To me they were basically stating they were MORE employees than they were independent contractors. From what I have heard they also sued other places like West at Home for similiar issues.

The Plaintiffs allege that they and other similarly situated Home Agents (1) were improperly classified as "independent contractors" by LiveOps, Inc., (2) that LiveOps, Inc. controlled most, if not all, major aspects of the Home Agent's job, (3) that they were not paid for any training time associated with the job at LiveOps, Inc., (4) that they worked many hours without receiving the equivalent of the federal minimum wage, and, (5) that LiveOps does not pay federally required overtime pay for any hours worked in excess of 40 hours. The Plaintiffs allege that by not paying them correctly, LiveOps, Inc. violated the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1939, 29 U.S.C. §216(b).

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To me it sounds like a Victory for Liveops. The case was dismissed, and its rumored that the plainiffs are going to be asked to pay for the legal fees! How they got to their conclusions I will never know. Hope it was worth it!

Congratulations to Liveops! Check out post on Liveops so you can work at home as well - as an 'independent contractor' - its YOUR own business! Lets do the Victory DANCE!