There are a couple of companies in which you can work from home taking calls for infomercials. Liveops is one of them.

11/17/09 update here is another online about Liveops.

What is nice about Liveops is you pick your schedule 24/7. I do believe this company is restricted to the USA and parts of Canada. From what I have read certain states they can't take operators from as well. If I find more information about that I will post it. If you look to the top of their screen it will speak about 'agents', and that is the work from home position.

This job isn't for everyone, but it will help you with your assertive training! The commits as they call it (or work shifts) are 1/2 hour long and they start at 10 after the hour, and 40 after the hour. You will be an independent contractor which means you are NOT an employee!

There are people at liveops that do this full time, but its also nice when you have this bill coming up and you are not sure how you are going to pay for it! In others words you can work part time as well! As long as your stay active which I believe is 1 commit every 45 days you can work for liveops. Please check the details on that to be sure.

They pay .25 per minute of talk time, and you also have incentives that you are paid for - basically extras that are sold during the call. They have agent facilitators to help you with your job, send out notes regularly about happenings, forum for agents to ask questions or vent. They have a lot of well known companies that they take calls for, and I'm sure you have seen the products on TV, read about them in ads, or heard about them on the radio.

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Working Solutions

BrainstormingWhen I with the local Chamber of Commerce we would have a meeting every year after we bring in the new directors and officers. What would do is brainstorm on ideas and avenues we would like to explore for the upcoming year.

The technique can be used when you are brainstorming on HOW to get that business going as well. I realize you don’t have a board of directors and officers handy, but I bet you have FRIENDS no? They can help a lot to get your started! Grab a date, time, and tell them to come over for nachos and margaritas one night to help you. They don’t have to be experts in your field, because we are after some brainstorming ideas! I would pick those friends that get along well together to make things go smooth.

After you get your bulletin board, chalkboard, or something similar pick someone who can WRITE fast! Give others pads of paper in case they think of something, and want to write it down before they forget when someone else is talking.

What you are going to do is write down all ideas your friends may have for your business, or idea FOR a business! The ground rules? All ideas, NO MATTER how crazy and off the wall they are get recorded. The second rule? No criticism about the ideas. The idea is quantity not quality at first!

Brainstorming sessions can be very fast paced, and did I mention I WHOLE lot of fun! Your friends (and you of course) should try to build on each idea, and let the twists and turns happen! You will be surprised at how much FUN and how much you do accomplish by doing this.

How do you get this started? Right down some questions to pose to your group. Let them know what you have been rattling around in your head, and heck if you have some unknown interests and skills make them aware of it. These could come in handy later! Lets say you invented a new widget. How are businesses or families going to use this widget? What is it about the widget that is useful, and could be used to save time or money?

I have a friend of mine that wanted to be a Virtual Assistant, and after she explained what that WAS to her friends (lol) they helped her find her niche market. How? They knew she had worked for realtors for years, and she knew the mortgage industry frontward and backwards! They came up with along good ideas for names for her company, and they fact she would be VERY marketable to real estate and mortgage industries.

Well now that you got that down what is your next step? Now that your creative juices are flowing you need some consultation and direction! That may not be something you can get from your nacho and margarita party, and you need some experienced, educated help.

Breakthrough Brainstorming

Breakthrough Brainstorming is a special mini-coaching package perfect for the WAHM who needs to do some Goal setting and planning! Kelly will be sending out a package with fun brainstorming tools that will help each client make the most of their coaching sessions. The goal is to find fresh, fun, creative solutions to the problems you've had in reaching your goals in the past. It will help you pack in those ideas you already started on.

What else is offered? Some one on one sessions with experience to back you up! YEP! You get to talk to a REAL person, and get some educated advice on how you can target your goals! After you get your first brainstorming session with your friends done, and you are ready for you next level get your Breathrough Brainstorming coaching package to learn what to do next!


sell baby products

Your website looks great; your baby products are simply adorable and they're priced right for the value. Yet you could still use a little more business, right? More and more business owners are using articles to market their web sites.

Do you have a newsletter or blog? If not, you should – and then you should use articles to promote your website and your baby products. Articles are a great tool to remind past, present, and future customers about your products or services.

There are a number of ways to let the articles work for you. Share your knowledge as it relates to baby safety and making life simpler for parents. Present yourself as the baby expert and link your website at the end of your articles.

Here are some topics to get your started – car seat safety, SIDS, comparison of baby bottle systems, making your own baby food, selecting a baby crib or a stroller, baby shower gift giving, necessities vs. wants, when Mom and Dad don't agree on child rearing, how to handle a colicky baby, help for the older sibling or what about Fido the dog?

Your articles need to inform; not sell. Of course ultimately you want to increase sales, but if your articles read like an ad, you'll lose credibility immediately. Help the new parents and they will want to do business with you.

Many work-at-home-mom networks and forums have specific days when you can post articles and inspiration. An article informing parents on the importance of checking for recall information on baby products would certainly help promote you and your website.

Promote your articles where your target market hangs out. There is no shortage of SAHM and WAHM sites. Many would love to have your article content on their website. It is truly a win/win relationship.

Use this resource to Sell Your Baby Products From HOME!

Author Resource - Kelly McCausey is the host of Work at Home Moms Talk Radio and co-author of Easy Article Marketing. Learn how to promote your business and make more sales through articles.


Healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle has become more and more popular these days. It can become an overwhelming challenge to know where to start! Some people have been living that healthy lifestyle for years, and are MORE than willing to share their knowledge with you!

Below is a video about a company called Usana. It speaks to people that work from home, and make a good income helping others live healthy.

What is nice about Usana is the support you receive from the company, and also their partners that sell Usana themselves. Susan is a Usana Partner, and has brought on board her son and husband to help with the business! She is also willing and able to help you has well with your work at home career so that you can also become a health partner!

Susan has a blog as well called, Time to Work From Home where she writes about some of the usana products. She is very knowledgable about healthy products, and she is very open and honest about what she feels works and doesn't work!

Remember when you are wanting to start a work at home business its important to be passionate about your product! It has to be something you are truly interested in, and are willing to show your knowledge to the world! You can start this business with very little money, and take advantage of speaking to Susan personally to help you get your business OFF the ground!

HAPPY 2009!!! Welcome to the Wellness Revolution! Discover how you can tap into True Health and True Wealth. Learn more about the wellness industry and how you can increase your earning potential. Call me to learn more about it today, 815-325-2137.
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