Public Opinion Research, Inc.

These are cold calls to home, and asking them to answer survey questions. You get paid per survey completed, and I believe the least amount per survey is $5.00. You do have to have your own long distance. They send payments twice a month.

In summary, to do this work you will need:

Access to a computer with high speed (DSL or cable) internet access.
A quite place to work where you will not be disturbed.
A land line, cell phone, or Voice over IP phone line with an inexpensive, unlimited calling plan.
We recommend having a caller ID block put on your phone so that people you are calling don't have your personal number.

Was posted on their site.

Most people that I have heard back from about calling long distance for this job use Skype. They said it is cheap, and works well!

Alot of work at home agents state that:
is a very good resource to speak with others that do this type of work - and OTHERS listed on this site! You will need to get a password, signin name, etc.