Here is the page for Voicelog for their at home opportunities

With over 250 telecommunications, competitive electric and natural gas and financial services clients in the U.S., Canada and Europe, VoiceLog is the world's #1 provider of Third Party Verification.

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On website it states:

Choose the hours and days of the week you want to work
You get to choose what hours you'd like and if VoiceLog has the customer need, you'll get scheduled. Being a Live Operator for VoiceLog allows you to work your appointments around your schedule. The flexibility in a position that you've been looking for!

Supplement your income
Being an Independent Contractor allows you to supplement your income from your home office in as little as 3 hours per shift. Flexible enough for stay at home moms, professionals who just want a little extra income or college students.

No selling or Up-sells
VoiceLog provides live verification services and there is no selling involved. Just follow the script, gather the correct information and verify the call. That's all that's required.

No upfront or hidden costs to becoming a Live Operator
We don't charge you to contract for us! Meet all of the requirements and make time for the training and you'll be up and running in no time (there may be LD costs associated with training so please refer to our FAQs to have your questions answered).

Personal Training
Get feedback immediately! Have your questions answered Real Time! VoiceLog offers live training in a small group format from one of our experienced trainers. No online training hassles to deal with and Never feel like you're on your own with our training program.