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Questions to Ask

Fraudulent promoters of work-at-home schemes leave many unanswered questions. Don’t send any money until you get clear and complete answers – in writing – to all these questions:

What exactly do I need to do to earn money?
What will I get for my money?
Do I have to purchase anything?
What are the total costs to get in on the deal?
What quality standards I must meet for the products I produce?
Will I receive a salary? Or do I work on commission?
Who pays me?
How do I get paid?
Do I have to sell anything or market the product or information?
Do I need to recruit others to the program?
How do I get my money back if I am not satisfied?

If the answers you receive don’t really satisfy all your concerns, walk away from the promotion. The chances are good that the promotion is really a scam.

Remember if you are looking for companies that people actually do WORK AT look at the blog roll for positions available!