Kelly McCausey started a thread, and asked people to write about WHY they like to work from home! It has some very interesting replies, and for those of you that are looking for additional opportunities I would go over read there as well!

I think we all may have different reasons, and those that are very common as well!

I started a small engraving business when I had my daugther, and had that for close to 14 years before I decided to retire! Opening that business opened up my mind to how different parts of the world worked, and it opened my eyes to the community around me as well! In order for the area to KNOW me I decided to do a bit of networking! The thought of it scared me to death, but I quickly learned it wasn't to bad! What was nice about that aspect of my life is that I could work around my child's schedule. She could be with me most of the time, and I had a babysitter locally if I needed to visit a client! She really enjoyed the time away, because she knew it wouldn't be to long and then got to play with TONS of other children!

I think working at home so closely with children shows them the value of the dollar as well. It shows them that going to work means more than just those words. They see the work and the effort it takes. They see the drama, rewards, anxiety, fulfillment, etc all thown into one! I truly think it gives them a better appreciation for things that other children may not have the opportunity to experience! Children are children after all, and we can't expect them to grasp it all at once!

I believe in getting involved with the local community. It helps the community work better for everyone, and helps you know what is going on alot better than any newspaper can inform you of! I first got involved with DARE, and still to this day do some things with that organization! It was very rewarding to work together with others to find a car for our little town, and watch as a local car club volunteered to really GEARHEAD it out! Organize, market, and help run fundraising dinners to announce all the awesome sponsors of that car, and raise money for the next year's worth of students! My family loved being dragged in tow during those nights, and my children loved the extra perks they got from being involved with an organizer! HECK that was only the first YEAR!

I worked a local festival with the chamber of commerce that was hugely successful, and we got to send students to college with the funds we raised! At that point I got to know the business community, and was an officer at the local chamber of commerce as well! I was able to help in all kinds of faucets of the community that I may not have been able to do if I couldn't run my own schedule!

The isolation at times working from home can really take its toll as well, and you seriously need to have other activities to keep you plugged into the world! Community events also help the children see things they may not be aware of in this world. They see WHY giving back is important, and they also at times truly see the value of their own lifestyle that has been afforded them!

I have retired from the engraving business, and the chamber of commerce within the last couple of years. I found alot of new friends, and they were NOT to surprised that I didn't take me long to find another new venue and keep on going! We are still active in the community - that part didn't change - but instead of learning about how to put trophies together for mom .... they watch informercials with me as I educated myself to do my job better!

LOL I'm not saying that is the fun part for them, but neither was trophies assembly I'm sure! Working at home afforded me time to show the children that doing something for this earth, its people, our church, and community is important! They see how hard you have to work to get things done, and how long you work to get the money you need!

Working at home has some hidden perks that I don't think people think about! I realize others may be talking about gas prices, and no trips to the cleaners in other places!

Working at home means something different to me! OH YES it includes those perks, but the benefits for my children are something I may have never had the time or energy to do otherwise!


  1. Kelly // June 17, 2008 at 12:39 AM  

    Thanks for participating in the WAHM 2.0 Meme! Good to meet you :)

  2. Hannah // June 17, 2008 at 8:16 AM  

    Thank you!

    Awesome idea for a contest! Very creative!