envelope stuffer machineThis picture is a machine that does envelope stuffing! I think this may be one of the oldest work at home scheme! This type of machine, and others like it are the reason you need to STAY AWAY from envelope stuffing jobs! That is a work at home scam! As you can imagine this machine can stuff alot faster than any human could on a regular basis. Don't think 'envelope stuffing companies' don't know that as well!

Its hard to imagine that envelope stuffing scams are still out there, and still making money off poor people that tend to believe their sales pitch! Its just plain sad! The people that write those scams could be marketing geniuses if they just focused on something besides ripping people off!

There are people out there that start companies doing direct mail for their clients! Its a bit more than stuffing envelopes, and the more creative you are the more customers you could find! The only piece of advice I can hand you there is TRY to become your customer's one stop shop! That includes creating the flyer's, graphics, etc. You don't have to be talented in that area yourself because you can find those to do that for you! You will need some marketing skills! Do a bit more than just manage their mailing lists! These days companies are looking for time savers, and being a one stop shop would be just that!

Has anyone done any direct mail marketing? I assume there are some neat forums for that business! Anyone have any leads?

If you are looking for REAL work at home jobs check out the blog roll! We have discussions on different companies that won't scam you!


  1. Internet Secrets Investigator // June 17, 2008 at 8:36 AM  

    I am proud to say that is one of those scams that I never fell for. I used to work for a direct mail company and our suppliers were never work at home companies.

  2. Hannah // June 17, 2008 at 8:46 AM  

    I know what you mean. I remember seeing these ads over 20 years ago, and its sad to see they are still getting away with this.